Having a strong team is crucial to being effective and efficient in the property management industry, while also maintaining great relationships with clients. But with so many different people covering so many different tasks, it can become difficult to remain across all things as a principal, including the management of your team. Given the staff are the face of your business and its capabilities, it is essential that they are leaving both your landlords and tenants with a positive impression. Below are some ways in which you can ensure your team of property managers are keeping on top of things and helping to grow your business.



It’s no secret that working as a team is more effective than doing it alone; many hands make light work, and in an industry where any number of unexpected urgent tasks can arise, it’s helpful knowing someone is there to help. However if there’s no communication among the team, you may end up with three different people doubling up on tasks or, worse still, doing nothing at all with the thought that someone else is looking after it. Communication is a key aspect of having a strong property management team, whether it’s ensuring everyone is up to date on repairs, or trying to find new tenants. Keeping in contact and regularly updating your team with priorities, or understanding what their priorities are, can help keep the team running efficiently while ensuring you always know who is where and doing what. Whether this is done through regular team meetings, or one-onone daily chats, it’s essential as a principal to have an understanding of the day-to-day demands of your property managers.

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