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Beach Cheers Celebration Friendship Summer Fun Dinner Concept

Be better. Go paperless.

Paper, paper, paper. It haunts you everywhere. It’s stuffed in your handbag, car door, kitchen drawers, and it’s all over the office. Workplaces spend so much time shuffling it, and money printing on it and posting it. But it doesn’t … Read More

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Should you respond to tenants in two hours?

Two hours might not seem like a lot of time to respond to a tenant request, especially in the case of an issue which requires approval from the landlord, and for a technician or tradie to be sent out to … Read More

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Beach Cheers Celebration Friendship Summer Fun Dinner Concept

Pet-owner tenants; Weighing up the risks and benefits

There’s no doubt that here in Australia, we love the outdoors. With warm sunny weather throughout (most of) the year, many of us opt to have a furry friend or two with whom we can enjoy those long days at … Read More

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4 Essentials For A Strong Property Management Team

Having a strong team is crucial to being effective and efficient in the property management industry, while also maintaining great relationships with clients. But with so many different people covering so many different tasks, it can become difficult to remain … Read More

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Beautiful living room with hardwood floors, tv, and fireplace

Standard Great Blog Post Here

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Picture of modern space in hipster's house

Property Management Advice

Aenean mollis metus ac nibh blandit, a mattis augue malesuada. Cras fringilla justo dui, vitae tincidunt sapien laoreet eget. Nunc tortor tellus, molestie vitae tincidunt id, sollicitudin quis risus. Mauris hendrerit turpis ac pellentesque scelerisque. Phasellus sit amet accumsan turpis. … Read More

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Investing in property

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Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

Oscar Wilde
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Here’s a great property related article

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How does the Adelaide rental property market compare?

Nullam gravida lacinia orci sit amet vulputate. Aliquam nunc sapien, condimentum gravida pellentesque quis, feugiat at dolor. Fusce condimentum tortor ipsum, ac auctor risus condimentum ac. Curabitur rutrum vitae massa id mattis. Nullam massa leo, pharetra faucibus fermentum non, rhoncus … Read More

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