Beach Cheers Celebration Friendship Summer Fun Dinner Concept

There’s no doubt that here in Australia, we love the outdoors. With warm sunny weather throughout (most of) the year, many of us opt to have a furry friend or two with whom we can enjoy those long days at the beach, park, or to simply play with in the backyard.

However, as landlords and property managers, we often cringe at the thought of tenants having their four-legged companions living with them in the property, given we are so concerned about safeguarding it against potential damage. As the Australian Companion Animal Council points out, “over 60 per cent of Australian households own a pet, yet it seems almost automatic for the majority of Australian landlords and managing agents to have a ‘no pets’ policy on rental tenancies.”

With that in mind, allowing tenants with pets to rent your property may have its benefits, including higher rental yields, longer tenancies, and potentially happier and more responsible tenants. We’ve offered a few insights into how allowing tenants to keep pets can actually be a positive experience for everyone involved, along with some tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly along the way.

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