At RentSelect we have well-proven systems and processes and above all,
we are TRANSPARENT! We have no hidden fees or charges and we'll
communicate with you through every stage in making
your investment a success.

How We Get Started

Property Appraisals

We will show you why getting the appraisal right is so important and how we do it. You might find that we also offer suggestions on how to increase the market appeal or at least meet Legislative requirements.


You’ll see, we really know our stuff!


We really get a buzz from marketing and seeing the market respond to your property. So we take the time to make sure your marketing looks good. We’ll even organise professional images if you prefer. To see how serious we are, make sure to download our link, “How to Lease your Property Faster.”


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Opens & Applications

We work to get the best response for your open, organising them after hours, on the weekends, we may even do a guided tour. There is never a dull moment – we love to have fun at our opens! It’s our chance to get to know a little more about who has attended & it’s a big help with the application process.

Processing Applications

We’ve aced the application form process!


Our procedures enable you to know more about the potential applicant, and give you the opportunity to secure the tenant of your choice in a much quicker time. All without losing focus on ensuring all qualified checks are completed.

Tenant Induction

We want our tenants to really feel at home and enjoy their rental experience. Our 50-minute induction takes place at the property, welcoming your tenant into their new home. We outline tenant obligations and our expectations – it’s a great way to ensure a professional handover.

Contracts & Legislation

We make sure our property owners and tenants understand all legal documents, fees, services & obligations. Knowledge is power! Our experience & training means we can give options for resolution every time there’s a problem. We only use contracts from the Real Estate Institute of SA (REISA), do ongoing REISA training and have a RentSelect representative actively involved with the REISA Property Management Committee.

Download our link, “How to Lease your Property Faster”
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Rent Payments

Our initial induction process outlines tenants’ responsibility with their payment of rent. Should this fall into arrears, we are guided by relevant Legislation on the steps that we can take. We find that by building a good working relationship with our tenants means that we can work at resolving issues quickly.

Property Inspections

Detailed reports and images at both the commencement and end of a lease are paramount to protecting your investment. We take pride in the standard of a property to welcome a new tenant, and we aim to make sure each tenant thereafter has that same privilege. It’s just what we do. Our detailed Routine Inspections are regiment to set zones and times, we don’t miss a beat – and you will love our detailed reports with images – giving you a true picture of how your investment is being maintained.

Property Maintenance

Legislation requires that maintenance is attended to in a reasonable timeframe and everything must be in working order. Our job is to minimise your risk by identifying what is necessary, obtain quotes, issue work orders and even note opportunities to claim on insurance or redirect the maintenance expense. We will always go through this with you, regardless how small the issue may be. With every problem, we will offer the solution.

Tribunal Issues

We believe a good working relationship with our tenants usually avoids issues that lead to the Tribunal. If we need to represent you in a Hearing, we have it covered. Our stringent record keeping and knowledge of Legislation help towards the best possible outcome.

Insurance Claims

We minimise risks wherever possible – it’s our company policy to have both Building and Landlord Insurance in place. A good landlord policy covers more than tenant related issues, and where possible, we can refer to either policy and get the claim sorted on your behalf.


Whether it is group presentation, maintenance or even insurance claims that may affect your property – we’ve got your back! We work directly with the Strata Manager to make sure things are sorted out on your behalf.

Accounts & Utilities

Paying your accounts on your behalf, and even organising redirection of your utilities, are all included in our service. You’ll see all of them detailed on your End of Month and End of Financial Year Reports, keeping it very easy for you and your accountant.

Payments To Landlords

Choose fortnightly, monthly or both. We’ll talk through the best option with you, and happily change between these at any time.

Rent Reviews and Property Diagnosis

For both legislation and market changes, we have our finger on the pulse. We’ll guide you on making sure your property’s performance is being maintained, in our Routine Inspection Reports, Lease Extensions, or when there is opportunity for a new tenant.

Lease Renewals

There’s a balancing act between keeping good long-term tenants and getting the most favourable return. We love it when our tenants enjoy their home and stay for as long as possible, and we believe that giving them good service means we balance things really well.

“We have used Bobi now for nearly three years with our investment property.  The commitment Bobi gives to us is in my opinion over and above what I would expect from a property manager. She is always available, friendly and is a wealth of knowledge. Nothing is too hard for her. This property management ran so smooth we purchased another property last year which Bobi is also managing for us”
Andy & Mariska (Landlord) May 2016
"Bobi did a wonderful job of looking after my property while I was living overseas. She is incredibly organised, a pleasure to deal with and made me feel very reassured that my property was in safe hands while I was away from Adelaide and often difficult to contact.  I recommend her unreservedly as a property manager to anyone who likes their rent paid on time, their property kept in immaculate condition and their paperwork kept in faultless order."
Ian (Landlord) May 2016
“The best decision we have ever made was the appointment of Bobi Vikor to manage our investment properties. She has always kept us informed, is very friendly and approachable and has always secured excellent and responsible tenants. She personally supervises any insurance claims and ensures that the properties are maintained in top condition.”
Tony (Landlord) May 2016
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