What makes us different - what makes us RentSelect?
The founder of RentSelect, Bobi Vikor, entered the Adelaide property management industry in 2003. With a passion for customer service – it was love at first sight! The passion grew to determination in offering a property management service in Adelaide that clients could actually rely on.


We are focused on building a good working relationship with our clients. We get to know their preferred management style and level of communication, along with their investment intentions. We can then troubleshoot effectively by making their property investment an enjoyable and successful process.


We follow a simple formula where each property is treated as an individual business – our landlord client is the owner, RentSelect is the manager, and the tenant is the customer to the business. It helps define the service level and expectation that each client is looking for, and guides us in delivering the service levels needed to create and maintain a top-performing business.


We have streamlined processes so we are proactive in ensuring tasks are completed thoroughly and in a way that ensures your investment is actually being managed. On-time inspections, detailed reporting, and most of all qualified guidance all ensure you get the best out of your investment.


Our fees are easy to understand and are very transparent. We make it easier for our clients to budget their investment expenses and not be effected by additional costs when needing to make important decisions.

We follow a simple formula where each property is treated as an individual business

“Thank you so much for renting my property so quickly and to great tenants. You made the whole process so easy and I really appreciate you co-ordinating the marketing and the open , all before the property had even settled! Thank you!”
Beau (Landlord) May 2016
“It's been a great honour to have an exceptionally great manger like you, I am very grateful to you listening and accommodating my requests over the year. Once again thanks a million times. Hopefully, When I am buying and renting property next time I will definitely consider you as my potential real estate representative.”
Arvind (Tenant) May 2016
“You always go above and beyond and we really appreciate it. We trust the decisions you make for us are always in our best interest and this gives us total peace of mind. Thank you!”
Anthony & Tara (Landlords) Aug 2014
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